These Ice ready Elite goalie masks are made with the best fiberglass materials, using both Carbon and Kevlar in separate layers covering the entire inside of the mask with extra reinforcements in impact areas like forehead/chin.

Mask is not approved by CSA/HECC

Artwork done with the die hard goalie or the mask collector in mind. Automotive special FX paints and clear coats are used for best results.
Colors can be easily changed to match your equipment.

All masks comes with:

Stainless steel cage
Choice of pro cat-eye / cheater / grid cages
Can be powder coated to match equipment
Lined with authentic vinyl nitrille foam
Terri cloth sweat band / choice of chin cup / sling
Choice of white or black straps
Fleece carrying bag / weight approx. 3.00lbs
100% made in Canada

Sizes: Medium - 22 in. to 23 1/4 in.
Large - 23 in. to 24 1/2 in.
Custom orders: longer chins / longer sides for more head coverage.